Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my Our Family Club card after I have applied? If you apply at your local Our Family pub or restaurant you will receive your membership card immediately. If you apply online or by telephone you should allow up to 28 days. More often than not, you will receive your card well before the 28 days are up. If after 28 days you have not received your card, call the Member helpline and they will deal with your application directly.

Where can I find a list of restaurants participating in the Our Family Card scheme? – You can search for a pub near to you here

Can I apply for a membership card online? – Yes. Simply click the link below to go to our online application page

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Why can’t I book a table in the restaurant? Our Pubs and Carveries do take table bookings on selected days; these are taken both over the telephone and online. Online table availability may be restricted on busy days to try and reduce customer waiting times and to help to ensure that tables are always available. If you cannot find availability online always try to call the pub instead who may be able to accommodate your booking.

My friend wants to join how does he / she apply? – There are three ways to apply;

  • Pick up an Application Form from your local participating pub or carvery and become a member instantly
  • Phone us and we can take the application over the phone. Telephone – 0870 240 1300.
  • Apply online here:

I haven’t used my membership card for some time, how do I check that it is still valid? – Membership cards do not expire. But if you do not use it for some time we may stop sending you correspondence. To be sure, you can call the Member helpline and they will be able to ensure your account is active.

Can I use my card when I buy drinks or bar snacks? Yes, you can collect points on your card against any food or drink purchase. Discounts are limited to food offers only.

Can I use my Our Family Card with other offers? – The Our Family Card’s individual offers cannot be used in conjunction with each other or any other offer, promotion or discount.

How will I know if I have earned an Our Family Club reward? – Once you have earned 500 points we’ll automatically convert this to a £5 reward voucher, which you can redeem within 12 months. We will notify you by email or SMS to let you know that you have a voucher to redeem.

How do I check my current points balance? You can check your balance at any time by visiting our website, please note you may need to create an account first if you have not used this facility before. You can also ask a member of staff at the till point to check your balance for you. They will provide a short printed statement, which you can keep for reference.

Without a voucher, how will the pub know that I have a reward to redeem? If we have notified you that you have a reward voucher to redeemor if you know you have reached 500 points, all you need to do ispresent your Our Family Club card at the till and ask to redeem your reward.

How long will I have to claim my Our Family Club rewards? You have 12 months to claim your Our Family Club rewards from the point of issue. We will notify you by email or SMS close to the expiry of your rewards to remind you to use them up.

Do I have to redeem the full voucher value at the same time? No, you can you chose to redeem all or part of your voucher value. So if your order is £3.50, you can redeem £3.50 and save the remaining £1.50 for a future transaction.

Will I still receive my Birthday drink? – Instead of receiving a voucher in the post for your free Birthday drink, we will send a personalised voucher to your registered email address. If you do not have an email address, we will send this to your registered mobile telephone by SMS instead.

I have been using my card regularly but have not yet received any rewards? If you have not received any Our Family Club rewards, this may be dueto one of the following reasons:

• You have moved house since joining the scheme and we still hold your old address on record.

• Your card has not been registered.

• You do not have enough Our Family Club points to generate a voucher.

• You have not provided information on when your Birthday is.

In all of the above instances, please contact our helpcentre who will help to resolve this.

I’ve changed my personal details, what do I do? – You can login to your online account and change your personal details at any time or call our helpcentre and we can do this for you.

For any further questions please contact the Our Family Club helpcentre on 0870 240 1300 (Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm)